Cheng Style Baguazhang by Liu Jing Ru

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Cheng Style Baguazhang Ebook by Liu Jing Ru

Liu Jing Ru  Basguazhgang Master  8 Duan

Translated in English. More than 26000 words, 85 pages and 43 B&W illustrations.

The contents:

Part 1

1. Biographies of Famous Baguazhang masters:
All most important masters of Baguazhang from Dong Haichuan, Cheng Tinghua, Yin Fu but also less known experts such as Cheng Youlong or the master of Liu: Luo Xingwu.

2. Characteristics of Cheng style Baguazhang:
Liu's delivers here the most relevant differences between Cheng style and Yin's style, for example beginners in Cheng style will be taught primarily Dragon Claw Palm and in Yin style Ox Tongue Palm and also the reason why Cheng style forms inherited the name of
"Swimming Dragon Bagua Connected Palms".

3. Health benefits of Baguazhang:
A system approach is commented by Liu concerning the healing aspect of Bagua steps: from the motor system up to the nervous system, covering five different systems, insisting on the internal and external work out provided by Baguazhang exercises.

4. An Analysis of Baguazhang’s Fighting Skill Known As “Using Stepping to Make the Function
The circle strategy is explained first, then how two basic steps for continuous change, adopting multi-directions, multi-levels strategy and gaining victory even in front of many oponents.

5. Requirements for Training the Stepping in Baguazhang
Some particular of Baguazhang, and more generally internal matial arts, training methods are discussed including "Hard and soft", "Three Basins", "Three Faults to avoid", "Four Twists" up to "Six Harmonies".

Part 2

1. Baguazhang’s Fundamental Skills Method
Skills discusse here confer the final efficiency of a fighter, they include: Strength skill, Arm and waist skills, leg and Foot skills (with Post training)
2. Baguazhang’s Palm Formations and Palm Methods
The Eight most important palms (from Dragon Claw Palm to  Spiral Palm) are explained in order to succeed in using them within all  Cheng style techniques.

3. Walking the Circle Method
As its fundamental method, BGZ walking is explained with three categories of requirements: Whole body, Foot and general walking circle.

4. An Explanation of Baguazhang’s Basic Eight Palm Practice Methods
These are in fact the Eight major posts of BGZ with steps, starting with (1) Tiger leaves the Mountain up to (8) Dragon Stretches Palm.

5. An Explanation of the Practice Method of Cheng Style Eight Big Palms
Liu explains in details here the core exercises of Cheng Style Baguazhang: The Eight Big (also called Old) Palms:
   (1) Single Change Palm,
   (2) Double Change Palm,
   (3) Flowing forward Palm,
   (4) Behind the Body Palm,
   (5) Turning Body Palm,
   (6) Grinding Body Palm,
   (7) Overturning Bodyrualm,
   (8) Returning Body Palm.

6. Baguazhang’s 24 Form Paired Practice
Dual practice of fighting techniques linked into 24 Forms as to deepen the martial skills within a partner training, it has been

designed with the most significant fighting features of Baguazhang.

Appendix: Essays on Essential Methods of Baguazhang That Have a Bearing on Fighting:
    (1) Palm Methods
    (2) Leg Methods
    (3) Three Joints and Four Extremities
    (4) Eight necessities
    (5) Practicing Skills
    (6) Oral tradition
    (7) Bagua Turning Palms


by Liu Jing Ru


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Cheng Style Baguazhang - Ebook reviewed by:

 - Jimi K., Portland: An authentic transmission
Reading this book gave me a deep feeling of what could have been training with ancient master of internal martial arts. Liu is definitevely passing his knowledge and experience through this book. Unlike many other books rapidly jumping into metaphysical considerations, Liu goes right on the point and even  shares some important ideas which make less tangible the real diffrence between internal and external martial arts. I was just a bit disappointed by the lack of picture of this great master. But I guess this was the original Chinese edition which should have included some.
- Karl Gomi, New Caledonia:  Interesting work for starters but even  more advanced adepts
My bad English,... Good book for the basic knowledge and the quit egeneral view  provided  by undooubtedly a great teacher of Chinese martial arts, I like the 24  forms this  combat aspect give us much credibility in all techniques traines with the original palm taught in the beginning.

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