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Cheng Style Baguazhang by Liu Jing Ru

An authentic transmission of Chinese Internal Martial Arts wisdom from one the most respected experts in China: Liu's gives here a realistic view of the Cheng style Eight Diagrams Palm: soft & hard which is also called "Swimming Dragon".

The basics presented are the most influential exercises from the circle walking up to the dual partners 24 Forms, including the Eight Old Palms.

With last part dedicated to complementary essays on BGZ, this book constitutes a very affordable but solid reference for any practitioner of BGZ..

The Fundamentals of Pa Gua Chang  Vol. I  by Miller & Park

Dan miller as an experienced martial arts writer, has captured in this first volume the essence but also the practical methods DHQ's Top disciplesof Baguazhang as taught by Lu Shui-T'ien to  Park Bok Nam his designated successor. 

One of the most complete BGZ method for combat and health exercises..

The Fundamentals of Pa Gua Chang  Vol. II  by Miller & Park

More advanced exercise on footwork, palm striking power and body trainings in complemention to the first volume.

Detailled instructions for those who want to  deepen their kowledge in its martial aspects (elbow striking, leg locking, kicking...)

PA-KUA Eight-Diagram Boxing by Smith & Pittman

First published in 1967, this book becomes the very first reference for Baguazhang (PA-KUA Chang)  in 80's  and still is very useful for a basic but clear introduction to this internal art.

Interesting for  the history and the great practitioners as well as the introduction for the eight old Palms.

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