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The Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang  Vol. II  by Miller & Park

  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: High View Publications, CA
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0865681732
  • ISBN-13: 978-0865681736
  • Format: digital as Acrobat pdf file
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The Fundamental of

Pakua Chang Vol.2

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The Fundamentals of Pa Gua Chang  Vol. I reviewed by:

 - Jimmy Lin (New Brunswick, NJ USA):  
A wonderful follow up to the first volume
    After reading the first volume, I sought out the student group under Sifu Park nearest me and began training. Sifu Park is a wonderful teacher and holds nothing back in imparting the system which he has inherited. Volume II of Sifu Park's book contains yet another wealth of information while emphasizing the basic and fundamental concepts laid out in the first. It is meant to read and used as a written reference for those who have already learned the content of the first volume. I write "learned" rather than "mastered" because it takes years of practice to truly master the contents of the first volume. In the second volume, Sifu Park begins to build up the student's repertoire of techniques, fundamental exercises, and theoretical concepts. Generally speaking, in Sifu's school and study groups, it takes about a year to two years (depending on your background and willingness to practice) to get a handle on all of the teachings from the first voume. The second volume could easily take six to seven years of practice before one learns everything. Sifu also begins to show some fighting applications and the "variations on a theme" concepts that are Pa Kua trademarks. If one wishes to learn the exercises within these books, the videos are essential if a student group is not readily available. However, without the videos, the books give excellent insights into not only what is known as the most effective internal martial art created but also into general martial arts practice, applications, and the building of good fundamentals. 
- V. K. Lin (Eugene, OR United States): Wonderful, Detailed and Intricate Ba Gua Fundamentals
Continues where Vol. I left off. A wonderful, intricately written, detailed book describing the fundamentals of Ba Gua training. Emphasis is on the complex biomechanics behind Ba Gua stepping, striking, and training methods, including introductory chi kung. This is not a book describing Master Park's Ba Gua Palms or advanced forms, but it is a DETAILED description of fundamental techniques appropriate as a learning aid for the beginning or intermediate Ba Gua student.
Along with Vol. 1, Mr. Miller and Master Park take the reader through step-by-step descriptions of body motions for various strikes, stepping techniques, circle walking, and basic chi kung. Especially valuable in my opinion were the detailed descriptions of the strikes-- concentrating on the all-important pelvis and trunk as the generators of power.
For the intermediate-advanced student, there is not enough (in my opinion) description or discussion of body structural alignments, power generation while moving, or combat theory. I also would have liked to see sample lesson outlines-- typical training progression over a ten year period, for example. But this would be more appropriate for a Vol. III!
For the fundamentals it covers, however, this book is a must-have for serious Ba Gua practitioners! Highly recommended!

- A Customer:  Likely the most important book written on Internal Arts
This book won't teach you any fancy forms, but it will teach you everything you really need to know about Pa Kua (and any other internal martial art, for that matter).

This is a book of the true fundamentals of Pa Kua. Each lesson is there to teach you to progress as smoothly and efficiently as is about humanly possible. Park really stresses the necesity of basic drills, practiced properly, to allow the body to learn to 'relax' enough for efficient martial use. Exercises begin with footwork drills, progress to combined footwork drills, and then to basic palm techniques. Later both the combined footwork and palm techniques are combined.

Also taught in this book is basic Pa Kua Chi Kung, enough for the beginner to develope a feel for Chi flow and are sufficient exercises for Chi development until the practice of one's martial techniques take over one's Chi work.

There is a Volume 2, but it doesn't seem to be listed here at as of this review. This is as good as Volume 1, but isn't needed until you've absorbed everything from Vol.1 (good luck!)

Again, if I had to own only one book on internal martial arts I would most certainly make it this one. No art is ever any better than its basics. So, the more strongly developed your basics, the more developed your skill will be. I feel this is the best book from which to learn those basics. 

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