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BGZ Video Pack details

 Our Super Baguazhang Video pack 

  • Total duration: 1277 minutess
  • Publisher: Guanghua Publishing
  • Language: Chinese-English Subtitles
  • ISBN-10: 0940871512
  • Format: digital as AVI files, high quality video comparable to DVD standard
 You will save your time and your money with this BGZ Video Pack,  many serious BAGUAZHANG  practitionners would like to acquire all these collections but cannot afford it. But now you get them for less  than half of  their  price :

   I.  Liang Style Baguazhang by Zhang Quanliang - 11 DVDs
           (value: $159.50),

1. Basics of Liang style Eight Diagrams Palm Boxing.
     2. Eight Single Turning Palms.
     3. Eight Old palms.
   4. Sixty Four Palms.
5. Whole body training.
6. Eight Forms Single Exercise and Paired Exercise.
7. Footwork.
8. Stake exercises.
9. Hand-Rolling Broadsword.
   10. Three Conformities Sword.
11. Appreciation of Lian style Eight Diagrams Palm Boxing and Weapons Routines.

    II.  Cheng style Baguazhang by Liu Jingru - 7 DVDs
           (value: $101.50),

1. Cheng style Bagua Mud-wading Step and Basic Eight Palms.
2. Cheng Style Large Eight Palms.
     3. Cheng Style Pair Practice of Eight Diagrams Palm (Baguazhang)
     4. Cheng Style Bagua Interlink Palm with Swimming Body.
     5. Cheng Style Eight Diagram Ziwu Yuanyang Yue weapon.
     6. Cheng Style Bagua Sword (Eight Diagrams Sword).
7. Appreciation of Cheng style Baguazhang and its weapons.


our special price $US119.99

BAGUAZHANG  VIDEO Pack reviewed by:

 - Abdel, Morocco:  YOU DID IT!
Nice Video Pack, for us it is not easy to buy and get quality Baguachang books/Dvds it is so expensive.... But your offer came and now I can start to watch Chinese Mainland BGZ in live, it is super cool, many thanks, I recommend it. 
- Antonio, Corsica-France:  LIU JINGRU a great master - Zhang QUANLIAN  too
I went to his stage in Italy, years before, I was tempted to buy his DVD so I bought your V P, it is always impressive to watch him moving, but my great surprise was to discover Zhang Quanliang as a very good expert too, his 11 DVDs cover a large repertoire of techniques and skills generally neglected in many schools, I even think that within the complementary exercices there are the real source of BGZ effectiveness. It is a kind of video encyclopedia. I personlly find no elsewhere such an offer...

- Jesus, Madrid:  Charisma & Humanity
This Pack is a good complement for my personal training. After my master left my city, I was a bit lost in maintaining interest and especially correcting my BG steps.
Here the translation is English is not always very clear but fortunately I get it anyway through the pictures.
I would say that Master Liu is a bit more charismatic but Master Zhang more human in the teaching provided by these videos.
So it is a very interesting combination of knowledge that you are giving here. I got your video by download like a charm as I was new in AVI format. Good work.

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