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BGZ Video Pack details

 Zhu Baozhen Yin style Baguazhang Video pack 

  • Total duration: 478 minutess
  • Publisher: Guanghua Publishing
  • Language: Chinese-English Subtitles
  • ISBN-10: 978-7-88325-012-8
  • Format: digital as AVI files, high quality video comparable to DVD standard
 You will save your time and your money with this Zhu Bao Zhen Video Pack,  many serious BAGUAZHANG  practitionners would like to acquire all these collections but cannot simply find them especially with English subtiltes.

   Traditional Yin style Baguazhang by Zhu Baozhen - 8 DVDs
           (market value: $160.00)

1. Fixed Position Eight Palms..
     2. Twelve Linking Kicks.
     3. Eight Fixed Palms Combat Applications.
     4. Yin style Baguazhang Eight Palms Fighting Applications.
     5. Baguazhang Basic Performance Set.
     6. Baguazhang Advanced Performance Set.
     7. Bahua Spear Performance Set: Ti Lu Qiang.
     8. Bagua Spear (Eight Old Spear).

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our special price $US64.00

Zhu Bao Zhen video Pack  reviewed by:

 - Omar, Morocco:  THANK YOU!
I was tracking any materials on Zhu Baozhen on the net, besides some Youtube clips and a few vcds in Chinese, I was really wondering where I could get some real stuff from this Great Master and I found your video pack. Thanks because again Zhu Baozhen is a greally good, great expert/instructor...but it is not easy for everyone to go to China and find him!!! I simply enjoy thes series.  
- Andre T. -  Belgium:  Master Zhu, my reference
Really impressed by this Yin style, 'cause you find some instruction video but this pack gives you what you expected from an Authentic master, no confusing Yin Yang/Five Elements/YiKing/Hexagram... and bla stories but down to earth, practical  but sublime applications, explanations and performance for a man nearly 80 it is impressive... A good idea to develop the Soft and Hard styles and even beyong Baguazhang.... This is probably why Zgu BZ overpass other authors: his vast knowledge brings him a more synthertic vision of his own favorite style.... (I presume)

- Marco D. , Turin:  Powerful and versatile
I was impressed by... the kicks. Most of internal martial arts (if not all besides this chool) are seldom developing the kicks. Hey I guess they are useful even with "internal power"... I agree with Andre. This guy has a vast knowledge and I add also a very good practical background. Those who don't  believe can search on youtub,. One remark, I thought that Yin Fu preferred the Bagua Dao but I am amazingly surprised by the 8 Old Spear: just in perfect continuation with the empty hand version, same name, same concepts by redesigned for a  superior mastery of these changes.
A last thing is also that I did expect that AVI format gives such a fine definition of video. I recommend it.

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