About our materials
All digital 
We do not provide hardcover books, DVD, VCD or any physical goods but just downloadable materials through download links sent to your email within 24 hours after your payment through Paypal online  procesing system.
Why digital?
We save you the shipping delay and its costs, preferring to invest these saved costs in providing a larger and continuously updated materials for each package sold.
Our Vision: Provide the largest panel  of  referential sources for very affordable price
Getting the big picture in Baguazhang world
In any discipline we cannot just stick to one school or one teacher to get the "big picture", especially when it is related to  Chinese culture and traditions... so rather grab  the widest relevant variety of sources.
Nobody's perfect but the gathering of most valuable teachings will greatly help to apprehend oneself the realm of Baguazhang and its most suitable way of training.
Our aim is to provide to the community of Bagua practitioners  the easiest access to most available information on BGZ.
Our Team
Multicural and all practicing BGZ
Our multicultural team has the experience of communication with both Chinese and Western environment of Chinese martial arts.
China Mainland's Martial Artists links
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