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BGZ Ebook Pack details
Our Super Baguazhang Ebook pack 

You will save your time and your money with ths BGZ Ebook Pack, as many serious BAGUAZHANG practitionner will acquire them one day or another, even not already:

    1.  The Fundamentals of Pa Gua Chang  Vol. I  by Miller & Park
           (value: $13.57),

    2.  The Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang Vol. II  by Miller & Park
(value: $18.21),

    3.   PA-KUA Eight-Diagram Boxing by Smith & Pittman  
        (value: $12.88).

Plus our two special  bonuses:

1st Bonus:

Yin Yang Bagua Zhang 68 Forms 

The  Yin-Yang Bagua Zhang Palm - ManXing (Boa-shaped) Shuanghuan Zhang is one of the Yin-Yang Bagua routines. This routiine imitates animal movements .
Its very speciffic  characteristic is that any part of the body should  combine harmoniously with the other parts  in each change of palm.
Even though Baguazhang is an internal sytstem of the Chinese Martial Arts, you will find some similarities with Shaolin Quan techniques.

Ebook in Acrobat pdf format

2nd Bonus:
The Eight  Diagrams Linked Palm
The Eight Diagrams Linked Palm based on the theories of the Book of Change is an important internal style of Chinese Boxing. It involves subtle palm linkage and step movements in every direction,
The demonstration is performed by Jiang Ludi Champion of The Chinese National Wushu Competition.
Lecturer is Nie Jianguo Chief Coach of Henan Wushu Team.

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BAGUAZHANG  Ebooks Pack reviewed by:

 - Naomi, Auckland: Park is the man
Effectiveness in iternal martial arts may be often a prime question for any modern instructor, but through these two volumes , it becomes clear that Park is certainly a great fighter but also a good instructor sharing all his experience to make his art muh accessible that most traditional book on this matter. Great works.
- Maurice, France:  Back to Basics
Sorry for my English,  but I wanted to thank you for this BGZ Pack. I bought regularly local BGZ books but none are as well written as those of this Pack. Buying export books are very expensive here (plus the very shipping cost....), you help our community to get the right knowledge in BGZ. Merci encore.

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