Cheng Style Baguazhang by Liu Jing Ru

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Eight Diagrams Palms" or Baguazhang is a famous style of Chinese Internal Martial Arts and in Northern China it has been  quite popular. In fact Beijing is particularly important for its development history, as it has provided numbers of famous experts of Baguazhang, Liu Jing Ru is among these top level experts, his decades of research, of pedagogic effort to promote  and transmit to many generations of students. He has many disciples all over the world, establishing him as an internationally  recognized expert.

Liu Jing Ru is now 8 Duan (Chinese Martial arts grade), he was born in 1936, in Gaoyang County of Hebei Province, he is Vice President of the Beijing First Baguazhang Research Association and is considered as the most authoritative figure in Baguazhang.

In 1957 he started his martial studies under the supervision of Luo Xing Wu a legendary martial arts expert.He will teach him in particular in Xingyiquan (Mind Body Boxing), Cheng style Baguazhang, Liu also learned with Hao En Guang, disciple of  Li Cun Yi. thereafter, he continued his practice and learning under a number of illustrious wushu masters.

In 1962, Liu studied also Luo Xuan Quan, also known as Spiral Boxing, and Baguazhang from the master Qiu Zhi He, himself as student of Zhang Zhankui.

In 1963 at 26, Liu participated to the First Beijing Wushu Competition and won the Gold Medal in both Xingyiquan and Baguazhang disciplines. Later Liu Jing Ru continued to win many other championships while performing Baguazhang.

In 1979, M. Liu participated to the Wushu Exchange Event held in Nannin, capital city of Guangxi province. this event was of particular importance because it was the largest wushu competition to be organized in China since the Cultural Revolution creation (1966). Many top wushu experts participated. the average age of the competitors was between 47 and 43 and so Liu was considered a youngster but managed to win the gold medal in Baguazhang. In 1980, in the second exchange held in Taiyuan, Shanxi province he won again another gold medal.

In 1980 under the supervision of the Beijing Sports Commission, Liu was among the Top Experts including Li Bingci to create the first Martial Arts Academy, after the Cultural Revolution: Beijing Dongcheng Martial Arts Academy. Liu will teach there more than ten years, training a large number of Baguazhang talents. Then Liu Jing Ru After was offered the responsibility of coaching the Beijing Baguazhang Wushu Team: some brilliant competitors such as Ge Chunyan will confirm Liu's pedagogic efforts by  winning consecutively five gold medals in Ba Gua Zhang or Zhang Hongmei, Zhuang Hui who also won gold medal in various  National martial arts Competitions hosting Baguazhang discipline. There are also Hanyan Wu, Han Yanming, Jiayong An, Ren Shouran, Kong Cheng, Liu Hui, Xiang Zheng... winning Beijing Martial Arts Competitions.

More recently, Liu Jing Ru has devoted his energy to promote Baguazhang around the world, he went in many occasions to France, Greece, Italy, Belgium, United States, Australia, Japan and many other countries giving martial art lectures and workshops boxing attracting even more students and disciples throughout the world.  He exposed his research also in Italy, 

Greece, France and other countries and published "Cheng Style Baguazhang" and his Video collection of Cheng Style Baguazhang and gained an international recognition for his outstanding contributions in Chinese Martial Arts.ranslated in English.

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